Elevate Your High Chairs

We're excited to announce that the Foodie Booster is now joining Koala Kare. Click the link below for general inquires and purchasing information.

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Meet the Foodie Booster

The Foodie Booster is the first contemporary foldable wooden high chair designed for restaurants. Its patented single action fold makes using it intuitive and safe. A single unit may rest flush against a wall while additional backup units fit in tight spaces.

Foodie Booster Folded and Baby Sitting in a Foodie Booster

Safe and Simple to Use

Easy to reach buttons disengage lock pins that allow for single action folding. Hidden stainless steel hardware keeps moving parts clean and working properly.

Foodie Booster Push-to-Fold Side Buttons

General Overview

What makes the Foodie Booster unlike any other high chair?

Food-safe polypropylene plastic is a type of plastic commonly used for cutting boards, reusable water bottles, and kid sippy cups. It's nonporous surface keeps out bacteria and is easy to clean.

Solid beechwood hardwood legs are durable and add a beautiful natural accent. Beechwood is a sustainable hardwood that is naturally shock absorbent and chip resistant. 

Stainless steel hardware ensures properly working joints that won't rust or break down. You won't see any of the hardware, as we've decided to keep it hidden to prevent food or other debris from getting trapped.

The nylon restraint system meets safety standards and will keep the child snug in place.


Unit Weight: 10 pounds - that's 30% lighter than other leading restaurant high chairs. 

Seat Height: 19.75 inches - this standard seat height allows the Foodie Booster to be easily pulled up to a standard dining room table.

Opened: 27.5 x 18 x 21 (inches) - its low profile is designed to be stable but small enough to keep walkways clear.

Folded: 31.5 x 18 x 7.5 (inches) - allows for easy portability and storage. Additional folded units nest, when laid horizontally. Its foldability also allows the Foodie Booster to be packaged and shipped fully assembled.


Meets ASTM F404 -18: the ASTM F404 safety guidelines have been around for years, but have not been required until this year. Starting June 19, 2019, all high chairs being sold must meet these stringent standards. Unlike most restaurant high chairs, the Foodie Booster was designed around meeting ASTM F404. This ensures unit stability and no pinch points or large opening to name a few. 

3-point nylon restraint system: the restraint system is designed to keep a child in place. It's important to always use the restraint system, as most high chair accidents happen when a child tries to stand up or get out of a high chair.

Flat folding: its foldability is intuitive and safe. Its single-action fold ensures  risk-free operation, so business operators don't have to worry about the Foodie Booster being set up improperly. In addition, the Foodie Booster may navigate tight quarters without requiring it to be held over guests' heads or requiring a teammate to kick open doors.